How to choose a Mattress Online-Buying Guide 2020 updated

During these years, the most questions we heard from the customer is " Will it be too firm or too soft? ". although many mattress companies provide a "one-size-fits-all" mattress to everyone, the truth is the firmness feel is quite different for different people. In this article, we have summed up the high-ranking problems of buying a mattress online and offer you the best solution. 


We are about to discuss special tips for 5 different kinds of sleepers 

  • Picky sleepers
  • Plus-size sleepers
  • have Physical pain
  • tend to sleep hot
  • Sleep with a partner


Later, we are about to reveal tips on how to choose a mattress online

  • Define Your budget
  • Think about what you need
  • Do some research online
  • Look into Big-name brands
  • Check mattresses review sources
  • Always check the policy of home trial and free return
  • Sleep on it. Not for a few minutes. But a few weeks.
  • The last tip, don't get distracted of gift 
  • our recommendation 


Difficulties in finding out the perfect firmness

We have to admit that everyone is different. How to find the perfect balance between comfort and support may vary for different people. However, we can still find our answer through a few tips.


Check out the below tips and find out what you need.


how to choose a mattress

 Pay attention if you

  • are picky sleeper

sleepers with preference to a certain kind of sleeping position are pickier about mattresses, I.e whether you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper. The reason why these sleepers are picky because these sleepers need to get more pressure relief to make sure their shoulder and hips are cushioned for proper alignment.

Imagine that we are sleeping on the side, your weight will create a pressure point on your shoulder and hip where connect to the mattress. And we may hold that position for hours. If the mattress cannot relieve the pressure, we might wake up every day with endless neck pain or shoulder pain. What's worse, the incorrect alignment will lead to Spondylosis 

incorrect alignment

  • are a heavy sleeper

The biggest problem for heavy individuals is the weight limit of a mattress. Mattresses that are too soft, very prone to sag or sink too deeply won’t be the primary choices for the heavy sleeper. Do not hesitate to ask the customer service what's the weight limit of the mattress, especially for box spring and coil mattress.

Many of the foam mattresses, like Nighslee, has a generate weight limit of the mattress. However, coil mattresses or spring mattresses doesn't.

  • have physical pain

for people who have long been afflicted with serious back, lumbar or neck pain, ask advice from the doctors. This is not a single mattress or pillow that can help.

If your neck pain or shoulder pain, etc just happened recently, and you haven't changed your mattress for years, a mattress that can help to fully cradle your body is your top choice. It ensures your neck and back to have smooth blood circulation and get a soothing rest throughout the night.

  • tend to sleep hot

Sleep hot

If you are a hot sleeper, you have to pay attention to the materials of mattresses. Although we have talked about a lot of advantages of memory foam mattresses above, it is not a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot at night. Memory foam mattresses are well-known not only for its marvelous pressure relief but also for its increasing heat at night.

Among which, integration with cool gel keeps you cool all night long while pure memory foam is regarded as the welcomed material.

What is Nighslee cooling Airgel?


  • Sleep with a partner

tossing and turning

Trust me. If you have a partner who always stays in bed tossing and turning at night, your nice sleep will become a nightmare.

"Motion isolation mattress" or "Low motion transfer mattress" is the keyword you need to know. The lower the motion transfer in a mattress, the better sleep will you have. Try memory foam mattress or mattress with individual innerspring would be a good choice.

Or you can also visit Nighsleedirectly for no-interrupted nights. Nighslee is made of premium memory foam material. We have spent thousands of hours developing the key to motion isolation.  

No matter what mattress you choose, make sure you are going through the right mattress type. 


What you need to prepare to purchase the ideal mattress is far more than the items above. To dig out your actual needs, you still have to do some extra jobs like the following steps. 

 Define Your budget

We all have a budget. You got what you pay for. By defining the appropriate budget of your mattress investment will be a good start.


Think about what you need

it involves your psychological needs. Some of you might prefer the feeling of fully cradled by the mattress like being embraced by mother, which gives you a sense of security and peace of mind; some of you might sleep like a log on a firmer mattress because years of sleeping on a firm bed have made it a habit you cannot break. Thus, don’t ignore what you need. 


Do some research online

Sleep accounts for one-third of our life. Spending a few hours online for researching is never be too good. Search “the best mattress to buy online”, “mattress buying guide”, or something else alike;

Which mattress brand has the best overall reputation?

Which mattress brand has the highest quality control?

And which mattress brand has the best after-sale service?

How did everyone rate the firmness of that mattress?

Some mattress companies provide data on customer feedback, like satisfaction rating, firmness feel, difficulty in return, etc. 

This is important because it tells us whether we are truly risk-free.

Nighslee mattress firmness

Big-name brands

Track down known brands, like Casper mattress, mattress firm, go to their official websites for a hunt; this is an effortless way for premium-quality mattresses.  The bad thing about this is the well-known brands may cost a fortune. However, you can always find the top brands under your budget.

Mattresses review critics 

The most intuitive information is from the direct reviews of mattress purchasers on the product pages or reviews sites like SleepopolisSleep Like The Dead,Tuck, andConsumer Reports, or relevant forums, or YouTube. You can go through all top reviews and see if there is any resonance with you. 

Click below to see how didtuck sleeprated Nighslee mattresses

tuck sleep

(Source: Screenshot of Nighslee mattress review page from


Youtube search page

(Source: Screenshot of nighslee mattress search page from

Always check the policy of home trial and free return

Plenty of companies offer a free trial period and free return policy while some pickups are not free which means you have to take some time to research the online store’s return policies, especially large-scale composite online retailers. As there are so many online retailers online, it will be smart to find several suitable mattresses from different retailers and weed out the ones with unfriendly return policies. 

Sleep on it. Not for a few minutes. But a few weeks.

As many mattress buying guides educate that trying in store for a few minutes isn't a good way to tell whether this is the best mattress for you. This is true and we cannot agree more. For the best practice of testing your new mattress, here are TWO steps you can follow

1. To sleep on your side in your preference. Ask someone to take a photo from your back. Things to check:

1.1 whether your head, back, and hip are in a straight line

1.2 whether your shoulder and hip feel pressured

Nighslee mattress

2. Sleep on your new mattress for at least 21 days.

 Sleeping on a new mattress sometimes is like try a pair of new shoes. It takes time for your body to break in. Currently, most of the online mattress companies provide home trial service to ensure you have enough time to break in. If this is not for you, then goodbye.



The last tip, don't get distracted of gift

Mattress sale which comes with a gift is like a bonus to us. However, it's not the main reason why we choose this mattress. Stick to what you need at first. Keep the gift as a bonus and should not on your top priority.



 In the end, we recommend


Nighslee—Best Online Mattress Retailer

Given all the problems of shopping for mattresses online, we also offer you the best choice to buy mattress online. 


Nighsleeis an emerging star among the online mattress retailers, offering a solution to all the problems above. We focus on selling cool gel memory foam mattresses, which is the star product in the mattress market and the most popular selection for purchasers. The cool gel memory foam mattresses feature cool sleep temperature, moderate firmness, and softness for different kinds of sleepers and excellent motion isolation, able to keep your body on a balanced alignment. 

The number you can trust

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nighslee sleep trial nighslee 10 years warrantynighslee customer satisfaction


We stand firm about the trial and return items and promise a 100-night trial. If you find out any uncomfortable about the mattress, your money back. And the mattress will be donated to a local charity.